Solar, Safety and Decorative Window Tinting Solutions

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Solar Window Films

The key to enjoying beautiful, high-performance windows is Panorama window film. Professionally installed by only authorized Panorama dealers, all Panorama window films maintain ambient light and the view you love while keeping you cool, comfortable, and well protected.

Panorama Hilite window films are high-performance films that are virtually undetectable. Hilite films provide exceptional solar control to keep you and your employees cool and comfortable, while protecting people and interior furnishings from the sun’s damaging UV light.

The Panorama Sterling Series provides extraordinary solar control while admitting higher levels of visible light. Ranging from barely noticable tint to darker shades, these films have a subtle reflective finish from the outside.

The Dual Reflective Panorama Slate Series maximizes your views with reduced interior and exterior reflectance. Your privacy is increased during the day, while nighttime reflectivity is reduced for uncompromised views out at night.

Solar and Safety Films

From severe weather to burglary and vandalism, threats to human safety and property are on the rise. Panorama safety and security window films provide an extra layer of protection to your building. Specially designed to absorb shock and hold shattered glass in place, Panorama not only protects people from flying shards, but also provides a barrier against break-ins, bomb blasts, looting and interior damage.

Panorama 8mil Hilite for extra security in a safety film. It provides the same exceptional solar control, but retains broken glass shards from attempted break-ins, severe weather damage or impact accidents.

Solar window film transforms our lives

Window film is a laminate of strong, high-quality, optically clear polyester films and metallized coatings bonded together by special adhesives. They are treated and coated by vacuum metallizing, sputter coating, chemical dyeing or pigmentation. On one side is a scratch-resistant coating with a mounting adhesive layer and a protective release liner on the other side. During installation, the protective liner is removed and the side of the film with the adhesive is applied to the interior surface of glass. Window film can be clear, colored or patterned and are made in various thicknesses for solar and safety/security usages. The films are used for commercial, residential and government applications to reduce solar heat gain, glare and fading or for patterned decoration. 

Solar radiation consistes of 3 primary components: visible light we can see, infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays which we can only feel. Polymers inside the film blocks some or most of the infrared (rays that cause heat gain) and ultraviolet rays (UV-A and UV-B that can cause cancer). Removal of these rays helps protect occupants or assets inside buildings from hotspots, fading, premature aging and certain types of cancer. In addition, film reduces glare by absorbing or reflecting visible light passing through glass.